ABOUT Cystistat®

CYSTISTAT® efficacy


Cystistat® is effective from the primary therapy. 19

  • 85 % of patients observed symptom improvement after initial treatment. 1
  • 84 % of patients reported quality of life improvement. 18

cystistat®: response rate in BPS/IC in several studies

Cystistat®: mean reduction of the symptoms after 3 months therapy 19

Cystistat®: Sustained significant reduction of bladder symptoms even at 5 years (p=0.0001) 1

50 % of the patients may be regarded as cured after only a primary therapy of Cystistat®* 1

*However, late recurrences surpassing the observation period cannot be excluded. 50 % of the patients were free of bladder symptom after primary therapy ofCystistat® without any further therapy during the 5 year follow-up 1

Recurrent Bacterial Cystitis RBC

Cystistat®, a regenerative option to stop recurrences

Cystistat® reduces significantly the number of UTIs per year 11

  • Cystistat® increased significantly the median time to recurrence (96 to 498 days, p<0.001).11
  • 70 % of the patients with Cystistat® were recurrence-free after 1 year of follow-up.11

Time to UTI recurrent (before and after treatment)

Cystistat® is more effective than antibio-prophylasis11,12

Radiation-induced cystitis (RIC)

Cystistat® demonstrated an effect in the prevention and treatment of RIC 5,13

  • Cystistat® provides quick relief of symptoms in RIC20
  • Cystistat® is significantly active on acute and late toxicity of RIC (5 year follow-up).13
  • Cystistat® decreases the incidence and the degree of acute and late bladder toxicity. 13