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How is Cystistat® administered?

Instill the entire volume of this solution into the bladder after any residual urine has been removed. Instillation is intended to be performed by a qualified healthcare professional with the use of a sterile catheter and sterile syringe using appropriate hygienic technique, to minimise risk of infection. The sterile catheter and syringe are not supplied with the device. For best results Cystistat® should be retained in the bladder for as long as possible (a minimum of 30 minutes). Discard any unused portion.

There is evidence that the GAG layer of the bladder is deficient in cystitis. This deficiency contributes to the clinical symptoms2 in the diseases such as interstitial cystitis3, cystitis caused by infections, trauma, urolithiasis, urinary retention, neoplasia and radiation induced cystitis. To alleviate cystitis associated with these conditions, it is recommended that Cystistat® be instilled into the bladder each week for 4-12 treatments and then monthly until symptoms resolve. The attending physician, urologist or radiologist should direct any prophylactic use of Cystistat®.