ABOUT Cystistat®

What is Cystistat®?

Cystistat® is a medical device for the temporary replacement of the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer in the bladder.

The GAG layer is deficient in cystitis; Cystistat® is instilled into the bladder to alleviate symptoms associated with cystitis.

Cystistat® is supplied in a glass vial. Cystistat® is a sterile sodium hyaluronate solution containing 40 mg/50 mL sodium hyaluronate. This sterile solution is used for instillation into the bladder.

Cystistat® contains a highly purified sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (HA) produced by fermentation. HA plays a vital role in extracellular matrix homeostasis, wound healing, and tissue regeneration.15

Cystistat® has a wide range of published papers supporting the treatment of cystitis.

Cystistat® efficacy has been described in:

  • Bladder Pain Syndrome / Interstitial Cystitis (BPS/IC) 1
  • Recurrent Bacterial Cystitis (RBC) by the protection of the urothelium 5, 6
  • Radiation-induced cystitis (RIC) 7, 11

How does Cystistat® work?

The site of action of Cystistat® is the urothelium.

Cystistat® has been developed to temporarily replenish the deficient GAG layer on the bladder epithelium. It has a double effect:

  • Cystistat® has a barrier effect (primary) 8

    What is Cystistat?
  • Cystistat® also has a regenerative role (secondary effect) 15

    In the urothelium, HA is predominantly found at the basal cell membrane 15

    Cystistat® restores a good environment for cell proliferation 15

    Cystistat® has a regenerative role of the GAG layer in the bladder 1,9